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TR3 Energy Inc. is on the frontlines of remediation and reclamation technology. Our continued investment provides revolutionary, innovative and cost effective environmental restoration solutions.

TR3 leads the industry with the development of our patented Modified Trommel system. We are happy to now offer licensing opportunities for this exciting new technology. Not stopping there, TR3 has expanded further to improve and refine the capabilities of two new Water Treatment Systems. Our searches for new technology have allowed us to bring REMU Screening Technology to Canada.

Explore our website for more information and a list of the services we can offer. Or feel free to contact us to discover the remediation and reclamation solutions TR3 ENERGY INC. can provide for you.


We Have Recently Moved!

Our new Location is at:
Bay 6, 4539-6th Street NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 3Z6

Phone: (403) 294 - 9339
Fax: (403) 294-9323

List of Our Available Equipment
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